This month we went to the forest and made some traditional tikkupullat (campfire stick-buns) served with jam. You might want to try them out too, they are such a fun treat to make with kids and grown-ups alike!


3,5 dl flour

2 tbsp sugar

0,5 tsp salt

1 tsp dry yeast

0,5 tsp ground cardemom seeds or cinnamon

1,5dl warm milk

1 tbsp neutral tasting oil, such as sunflower oil

Extra flour for at the campfire

Jam and/or whipped cream for serving

Instructions: Mix the dry ingredients. Add the milk and knead for a few minutes into a dough, sprinkling with a bit of flour if the dough stays too sticky (check here for instructions on kneading: At the end, knead in the oil.

Allow to rise in a warm place until doubled in size. Knock back the dough, dust with flour and pack to take along to the campfire. Notice that the dough will keep rising until you bake it.

We use willow sticks for baking the stick-buns. Willow is practically a weed of the forest, and using some for cooking purposes is – at least here in our surroundings – not a problem. Roll the dough into about 15cm-long snakes, and wrap them around the willow sticks. You can see how we do it on our Periscope-broadcast from last Sunday.

You want to cook the dough slowly, otherwise it burns from the top and stays raw on the inside. So have some patience, keep the right distance from the embers and keep turning your stick slowly. When the bun is ready, it will come off the stick easily.

Serve with jam and cream. OMNOMNOM...