Two years ago our family was spending a beautiful Easter sunday in our forest in Veitservasa, Lapland. We were looking at the trees, feeling dishearted about having to soon cut them down – after all, the forest was grown for a commercial purpose. That is when my father Pappa said the magic words: why don't we adopt our trees to people who don't have a tree of their own?

What a lovely idea!

After spending a lot more time in the forest (and in front of the computer), taking pictures, measuring, writing and planning we were finally able to launch our website last autumn. On our site you can for instance find your own tree friend, decorate it or leave your worries for the worry tree to carry. Having gotten such a heart warming response to our initiative, we are now looking into collaboration with other Finnish forest owners.

We have a lot in store for you for the coming times, but for now, let us celebrate HaliPuu's birthday together!

Join us on Easter sunday 27.3. at 13:00 EET (12:00 CET) for our live stream on Periscope at (computer) or HaliPuu_Lapland (mobile phone with Periscope app)

See you on Sunday, we have cake :)