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HaliPuu Programs in Levi

Join us in our forest - the HaliPuu programs in Levi

We love to take you into our forest to enjoy the incredible Arctic nature. Immerse yourself in the serenity of HaliPuu, and let your soul come to rest. Our forest is your forest!

To book your own forest experience in Levi, contact: 

Hammocking in the peaceful Arctic forest

Cocooning in the HaliPuu forest – The ultimate Arctic hammock relaxation

Come and enjoy our award winning hammock cocooning in the peaceful, soothing atmosphere of the HaliPuu - hugging forest. Leave your worries and stress behind and sway gently in a cosy nest between the trees - this is what Lapland is about!

We start our Cocooning experience in Veitservasa, a place full of stories and family history. After a walk through our family's old woodlands we arrive at our HaliPuu – hugging tree forest. Pappa, an old lumberjack and the owner of the woods, saved the forest from harvesting and now the century-old pine-trees are being adopted by people from around the world. Can you spot the cocoons among the trees?

Our specialist guide takes you through a series of relaxing exercises designed to bring you into the here and now. When you feel ready, you are tucked into a warmly insulated hammock for the ultimate forest relaxation. Afterwards we share a traditional warm blueberry soup and a home made snack.

Location: HaliPuu forest and its private shelter in Veitservasa, 10km from Levi

Availability: all year round

Price: 95€ per person, children under 10 in the same cocoon with a parent

Price includes: specialist guide, Cocooning experience, warm blueberry soup and a savoury snack. 

Duration of the program: approx. 2h

Group size: 2-10 persons (up to 20 people with modified program)

Difficulty level: easy but uneven terrain

Walking distance: approx. 1km

Wheelchair access: no. Mobility impaired guests can be accommodated with prior arrangements.

Languages: Finnish, English, Dutch, German, Swedish. Spanish by request.

Toilet facilities: one unisex forest toilet


The Campfire barista preparing a delicious Latte. Picture by Otto Ponto


HaliPuu's Campfire Barista – the high quality campfire break.

HaliPuu’s Campfire Barista brings you the flavours of Lapland with a modern twist. The artisan coffee beans from Rovaniemi coffee roastery, crystal clear well water and the smoky heat of a campfire combine to make the best lattes north of the Arctic Circle. Campfire Barista's coffee drinks and other beverages are served with home baked sweet or savoury treats.

Campfire Barista's portable Cafe

Treat your travel companions to the campfire experience of a lifetime. The Campfire Barista brings his coffee magic to any campfire place and makes your get-together unforgettable.

Coffee is served with a home made sweet treat, and there is always quality tea and cocoa available for those who don’t drink coffee. Additional foods and drinks (sweet and/or salty campfire pancakes, birthday cakes etc.) can be ordered as an extra.

A campfire place and the firewood can be provided by the customer or ordered from Campfire Baristaat an extracharge.

Location: Any campfire place within 10 km of the Levi centre

Availability: all year round

Price: €195,- for the first 10 people. Every additional person €14,- extra. Surcharge of €65,- if a portable fireplace & fire wood needs to be brought to the site. 

Price includes: Coffee, Tea, Hot Chocolate; up to two cups per person. A sweet pastry. 

Duration of the program: approx. 1h 

Group size: max. 20. Bigger groups by extra arrangements. 

Languages: Finnish, English, Dutch, German, Swedish.

Campfire Barista's forest cafe

Steffan the Campfire Barista loves HaliPuu – hugging tree forest, and its great nature and peaceful atmosphere. Come and join him on a story filled walk through the family’s old woodlands, and breathe in the cleanest air in the world. Once at the HaliPuu lean-to he’ll make you a steaming cup of artisan coffee, and bake fantastic pancakes on the campfire. You can pick a sweet or salty filling for your pancake and the Campfire Barista makes sure there’s also good quality warm drinks for those who don’t drink coffee. 

Location: HaliPuuTM forest in Veitservasa, 10 km from Levi. 

Availability: all year round 

Price: €75,- per adult, €55,- per child under 14 years. Transfer not included. 

Price includes: Coffee, Tea or Hot Chocolate, a filled pancake, guided forest walk (about 1km) 

Duration of the program: approx. 1,5-2h 

Group size: max. 15. Bigger groups by extra arrangements. 

Languages: Finnish, English, Dutch, German, Swedish.