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  • #Treehugging2020 #halipuu
    Latitude: 34° 43′ 41.05″ N
    Longitude: 135° 18′ 9.50″ E

    From Japan,A shrine.
    It’s Holy place,silent and calm so I like there…I like nature/luonto as well,I’d like to visit Finnish forests and your place.

    • Oh Ayaka, so nice to have you here in our forest and what a lovely tree you posted – thank you very much! I would also love to come and meet the trees in Japan (and of course see the cherry blossoms)!

      • Thank you so much for your message from beautiful Finland!!
        Maybe it was bit early for posting…?!

        I’m looking forward tomorrow (22,8,2020)from Japan!
        Take care and have an amazing weekend 😉

      • Thank you so much for your event!! I watched the livestream.People looks very nice and the forest is very calm and beautiful.
        I hope I’ll visit there someday😊
        Have a wonderful day 🌲