Gift card for HaliPuu trees and experiences

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Give your friend a forest full of peace & relaxation with HaliPuu’s Gift Card. Time off, time to just be, time to appreciate the never-ending gifts of nature – or maybe adopting a tree friend instead. No packaging, no shipping, no using natural resources, just a unique connection to nature. A gift that keeps giving year-round!

This gift card can be used for real life or virtual live forest experiences as well as for adopting a tree. It is valid for two years and can be used by the person of your choice. Thank you for choosing a sustainable present, you have just made the world a little bit better.


Finnish people have been drawing their health from the forests for centuries. We have been going into the woods for stress release and healing even before the modern research into the medicinal qualities of trees. Nowadays we know that the phytoncides emitted by pine trees take down the cortisol and adrenaline levels of the body, decrease the blood pressure and increase the white cell count. However, studies show that even a virtual tour in the forest can bring significant health benefits. See for instance this article by Luke, Natural Resources Institute Finland (in Finnish):


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