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Terms & Conditions

Terms and conditions

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On this site you can adopt a tree / give a tree as a gift for a period of 5 (five) years at a time. During this time the adopter can come and visit his/her tree any time they wish. The trees and their accessories (eg. bird houses, decorations etc.) remain as the property of Halipuu during the whole duration of adoption.

Adoption is valid when you have paid the full fee indicated for the selected tree. You can cancel the adoption within 14 days of adoption, in which case you get refunded the price of adoption – 65€ cancellation costs. (For instance if the price of adoption for your tree was 300€, in case of cancellation you receive a refund of 235€). Accessories under the price of 60€ will not be refunded.

At adoption, Halipuu staff goes in the forest and marks the selected tree with the name that the adopter has given it. Within a few days of adoption you will receive per e-mail the co-ordinates of your tree, a certificate of adoption and pictures of your tree. If wished, we can send the certificate of adoption per mail as well (for instance when the tree is a gift). This has to be requested separately.

The adoption period can be enlengthened when the 5 year term is over. We will send you a few reminder e-mails when the adoption term is about to end.

In order to keep the forest healthy, care must be taken when moving around in Halipuu forest. The trees and the forest must not be harmed in any way. One may not pull out plants, parts of plants / trees or take anything out of the forest without a permission from Halipuu guide. No littering!

Adopters are allowed to pick berries and take them along from the Halipuu forest, as long as the plants in which they grow are not harmed. Mushrooms, and pine cones that lay on the ground may also be picked and taken along.

We take every measure we can to protect Halipuu forest and trees from any damage. In an unlikely case of large permanent damage to an adopted tree (for instance through storms or lightning strike) we will search another suitable tree for the adopter. We move any additional accessories purchased for the tree into the new tree.

These terms and conditions are subject to changes without notification. Breach of these terms can result in cancelling the adoption without a right to a refund. Any legal issues will be processed according to Finnish laws and regulations in the Finnish court of law (Lapin käräjäoikeus, Rovaniemi).