Share Your Stories with the Tree of Secrets

Worry Tree Hug

Sometimes, we humans find ourselves burdened with worries. At other times, we may have hopes and dreams that we do not want to share with other people. And every now and then we might just want an outlet for all the thoughts and ideas buzzing around in our minds.

Whatever it is you would like to share, the Tree of Secrets is here for you. It listens to your worries and fears, lends an ear when there’s a dream you want to share and is there for you for every thought or story you want to get off your chest.

And most importantly, the Tree of Secrets never shares anything you tell it with others.

Let the forest keep your secrets

Here is what happens when you whisper your secrets to the tree:

  1. Write your message in the text box below.
  2. Once a week we bring all the stories into Halipuu -forest, burn them on the Seita-stone and scatter the ashes to the roots of the Tree of Secrets.
  3. Your story has now been turned into nourishing ashes which the tree transforms into oxygen and vitality. Now you can let your mind rest.

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