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Lappish Pine

Venla with moustacheHalipuu hugging trees are Lappish pine trees. Lappish pine is a resilient tree. It stands the harsh conditions of Arctic winters, when the temperature drops to -35C and the northern lights dance in the night sky. It bathes in the bright rays of the midsummer sun – which is shining throughout the night. Natural forces and the short yearly growing season cause Lappish trees to grow slowly, making them shorter than their cousins in the south, but much much stronger.

The Halipuu forest has an exceptionally kind and friendly energy. The forest is rich with nature's offerings and delights us with a bounty of mushrooms and berries each year. The air within the forest is absolutely pure. This is why our trees are decorated with naava, a special type of lichen hanging from the branches. Naava is highly sensitive to air pollution and grows only in the cleanest of areas.