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Who We Are

Who We Are

Pappa and birdhouseThe owner of Halipuu forest and the man behind the Halipuu -idea is Pappa (grandpa), who inherited the land from his father.

Pappa has always earned his livelihood through forest. He has been working in forests since he was a child; first collecting pine cones for seeds, and later as lumberjack. He has worked on his father's saw mill and made kilometers upon kilometers of plank for the local people to build their houses from. He has sold firewood for heating and turf for landscaping, meanwhile also working tirelessly to help the forest grow healthy. Halipuu forest has always been very dear to Pappa. He knows this forest like his own pockets, it is the place where he ran and played as a child, growing up alongside it. Pappa has decided that he wants to find a way to keep his dear trees standing, and give others a chance to enjoy them as well.

Halipuu – hugging tree adoption site is operated by Pappas daughter Riitta, together with her family. Riitta maintains the internet site and takes care of the practical operations of Halipuu as well as delivers the orders to the right tree.

Other members of the family are also taking part in the process. Riitta's husband Steffan is a nature-guide, who takes tree-huggers to meet their trees. Pappa's youngest daughter Raisa has created the Halipuu -logo, while her partner Misha takes the tree-pictures. Meanwhile Grandmother Terttu makes sure that everybody has enough to eat!

Join our family by adopting a hugging tree!